Six Freedoms:

  1. Line up and down
  2. Line left and right
  3. Horizontal line tilt
  4. Vertical line tilt
  5. Laser center up and down
  6. Laser center left and right
Line width:

  • Red lasers has fixed focus. By using Sel_Foc lens to maintain line width
    <1mm within range.
  • Green laser focus is adjustable, line width reach 0.5mm
  • Sensitivity: move 1mm /20 degrees of knob rotation


All adjustments are compatible to top of the line products. But we have manual
control not remote control. Why pay several times more to get the same function?
Only line up/down, left/right is needed after installation.

Simple is better. For fractional cost you get lasers with extremely stable, easy to
install and very small size to fit all existing sites.